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Where do I send my underwriter remittance check and policy copies?
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
9700 Bissonnet St., Suite 1500
Mail Code: Policies 187
Houston, TX 77036
How do I request a policy copy?
When requesting a copy of a policy, please have the following information available:
  1. Policy serial number and/or file (order) number.
  2. Issuing agency name and/or agency ID number.
  3. State where the property is located.
    It is important to note that Policy Services is unable to provide a duplicate original or certified policy copy. The Policy Services department can only provide a copy of what has been reported. To generate a request, please click here.
Assistance with any of the following services Policy Services provides can be obtained by contacting the Policy Services Customer Care Center at or (800) 729-1905.
  • Processing title policy data reported by agencies
  • Processing underwriter title premiums remitted by agencies
  • Preparing and delivery of monthly premium account invoices
  • Reconciling title premium receivable accounts
  • Maintaining permanent records of title policy information
  • Reconciling policy inventory
  • Customer Care Support
  • Tracking electronic reporting