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Provide your lender and consumer customers with the appropriate title-related costs required under the HUD-1 rules with GFExpressQuote® – an innovative online calculator from PropertyInfo®.

So simple to use it makes getting new business easy

GFExpressQuote® is integrated directly into your agency website, enabling you to provide enhanced service to both current and potential lender customers. The calculator enables you to provide your specific agency’s title fees, title insurance premiums, recording fees and applicable transfer taxes in the GFE format at exactly the time your customers need that can easily be downloaded or printed.

With GFExpressQuote®, your lender customers can manage their quotes within the system and turn them into title orders via the GFExpressQuote®/Orders Gateway platform. These orders can then be automatically loaded into Stewart’s title and escrow production systems, AIM+®/AIM® for Windows®.


  • Built in geographical intelligence that allows for unique state requirements, such as transfer taxes
  • Access to repository for all quotes generated within the last year
  • Downloadable quotes available immediately
  • Ability to track who is logging in and preparing quotes


  • Provide enhanced service to lender customers keeping them coming back
  • Increase title orders through the GFExpressQuote®/Orders Gateway platform
  • Save time with reduced keystrokes through integration with AIM (no need to re-enter order information)
  • Market your agency for a broader presence with a free listing on the GFExpressQuote® site