Trusted Provider

Stand above the competition as a Stewart Trusted Provider.

Becoming part of the network of Stewart policy-issuing agencies and attorneys isn’t easy. You have to go through what we believe to be the most rigorous vetting process in the industry. You have to be the best of the best to become a Stewart Trusted Provider.

In order to qualify, an agency or attorney agent must:

  • Pass an intensive initial due-diligence screening
  • Conduct business according to our stringent Independent Agency Standards
  • Undergo strict ongoing monitoring

Once you become a Stewart Trusted Provider, you will benefit from a host of services and tools to help prepare you for the new regulatory environment and grow your business as a result of those preparations. The first tool you’ll receive is the Stewart Trusted Provider seal, which lets lenders and consumers know they can depend on you to provide them with a quality experience throughout the real estate transaction process. Find out about becoming a trusted provider.

Learn about the CFPB training available to our agencies and attorneys.

Contact us for information about how to become a Stewart Trusted Provider issuing agency.

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