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Commercial Services


At Stewart, we understand that your commercial real estate transactions can be complex. When dealing with sophisticated transactional structures and changing legal requirements, you need a title company that can help simplify a multitude of intricate details. The Philadelphia office is committed to serving as your single point of contact to provide the customized title information, underwriting and settlement solutions you need – all with magnificent customer service in mind. Whether you’re working locally, nationwide or around the globe, our knowledgeable, flexible team has the expertise you can count on for all your commercial transactions. 

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8 Penn Center, 1628 JFK Boulevard,
Suite 810
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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(215) 246-2248 main

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Meet Our Staff

Office Leadership

Name Contact
Kathleen Curtin Vice President / Commercial Services Operations Manager / Underwriter kcurtin@stewart.com Office: (215) 246-2248
Marie Cesarini Underwriting Counsel marie.cesarini@stewart.com Office: (215) 246-2243
John Bianco Senior Business Development Officer jbianco@stewart.com Office: (215) 246-2247
Robin Foxwell Closing Specialist rfoxwell@stewart.com Office: (215) 246-2246
Michelle Lugg Closing Coordinator mlugg@stewart.com Office: (215) 246-2244