SureClose ® - Online Transaction Management System

Manage your transactions and documents online today with SureClose. This web-based system helps you keep your transactions on track and be fully interactive with your customers. Available 24/7, SureClose allows all parties secure online access to the documents pertaining to them. Take the paper out of your process, increase productivity and improve communication - all you need to get started is your username and password!


  • Monitor real-time progress of the transaction
  • Manage, share, approve and archive documents electronically
  • Post and receive messages
  • Receive automatic event notifications
  • Order settlement services and exchange documents
  • 24/7 access for all parties to the transaction
  • Integrate with key electronic touch points in the real estate process
  • Post documents to SureClose through browsing, print-to-file, email or the SureScan scanning solution
  • Security features to ensure buyers and sellers only see documents specific to them


  • Improve back-office efficiencies
  • Reduce shipping/courier and paper costs
  • Eliminate time-consuming status tracking and missed phone calls
  • Facilitate communication among transaction parties
  • Reduce hard-copy paper clutter
  • Create a paperless environment
  • Extend your office beyond brick and mortar with mobile technologies
  • Differentiate your company from the competition
  • Increase brand awareness through a custom-branded SureClose website
  • Create a great client experience
  • Reduce liability and monitor for compliance with a transaction audit trail
  • Reduce or eliminate storage fees for closing files by archiving files electronically

For more information on SureClose® or other Stewart products and services please call us at (855) 858-3285 or contact your Stewart Title representative today.