Authoring Content

Adding Components to a Page

Components are the building blocks of content in Adobe® Experience Manager. All content and even templates are built from components. For instance, the text you are reading right now was placed on the page using the generic text component. Other sections in this site go into more depth about what each component does, but they all have one thing in common – they have to be added to a page before they can be set up to display content. 

Paragraph Systems

Components can only be added to a particular part of the page that is known as a paragraph system (parSys). Templates define where the parSys lives in a page. A paragraph system is represented with a gray dashed line as seen below. 

Components that have already been placed on the page will have a gray title bar above them with the component name and actions that can be taken, like edit, copy, move, etc. 

Adding Components

Components are added to a page simply by dragging them into an available parSys on the page. Once on the page, components can be dragged above or below other components to change the order of the content.