Authoring Content

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

The digital asset management (DAM) portion of CQ is designed to work as a repository for all files that may be used or link to from your website. Any file, such as Microsoft® Word, Excel, or PDF, and a variety of image formats are acceptable. In fact, any file may be stored here, except HTML files. HTML files prompt a download and do not view in the browser as expected.

Visually, the DAM looks very similar to the web content management. There is a folder tree in the left pane and clicking on a folder there will show its contents in the right pane as seen in the screenshot.

File Storage

Your site already has space allocated in the DAM from when it was built by admins. Just look in the root of "Stewart" – #1 in the screenshot – or "Stewart/Microsites" – #2 in the screenshot. If you still cannot find the folder for your microsite, please contact your Marketing Manager.

Your folder should already have all the sub-folders needed for different file types. For consistency, we ask that you do not add any folders in the root but instead add files and other folders in the folders already created. You should have the following directories ready to use.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • PDFs
  • DOCs
  • PPT
  • Excel
  • Misc.
  • Music
  • Flash

Adding Images to the DAM

There are two ways to add files to the DAM.

Drag and Drop

First, select the parent folder in the left pane. Then, simply drag a file from Windows® Explorer – the Windows file system – onto the right pane and the file(s) will upload automatically. 


First, click the "New" button in the top toolbar. This will open the "Upload Assets" dialog box. Click the "Browse" button to find the file(s). 

Find the file(s) you want to upload and click "Open" to upload the file. 

Once the file(s) have been uploaded you will need to activate them. You do not need activation to view and use in author mode, but when the page is submitted to admins for publication, the files will need to be published in order to appear when the page is made live.

Using Files in the DAM

Files placed in the DAM can be used in multiple ways. Some are brought into components via the Content Finder (see Navigating the User Interface) while others might be linked from a piece of text. You may also want to send a customer a link to a file that is stored in the DAM. Below, we will look at each example


Some components allow for the ability to drag images from the Content Finder in author mode directly into a component. 

Text Links

It is also possible to link text to a file in the DAM. Once you have selected the text and clicked the "Hyperlink" icon in the text editor, you can select the path to the file in the DAM. When the magnifying glass icon is clicked, open the "Assets" folder. This is root of the DAM in AEM. 


Some components allow for the ability to drag images from the Content Finder in author mode directly into a component.