Authoring Content

Using Page Properties

Every page has a set of properties that can be adjusted to perform certain functions. While certain page properties are reserved for admins, others can be very helpful for authors. Below is a list of page properties and their uses. 

How to Access Page Properties

There are two ways to access page properties as listed below. 

Web Content Management (WCM)

In the right pane of the WCM, find the page you wish to edit and right click to access page options. Select the "Page Properties" link in the menu. 

Author Mode (Sidekick)

Select the second tab in the sidekick and then click  the first link, "Page Properties".

Page Property Descriptions

Below is a list of page properties and their descriptions. Other page properties not listed here should be ignored by authors and are reserved for admins. 

"Basic" Tab

Title – This is the page title. Most templates have an embedded title component that pulls in this field to place on the page. This is also the title that is shown in the WCM when browsing pages.

Hide in Navigation – This option will remove the page from any navigation components. 

Open in New Window – This will open this page in a new window when it is loaded. Only use this option if the page is being redirected to an external website or file that lives in the digital asset management (DAM). 

Restrict in Search – This will prevent this page from returning in any search results.

"Advanced" Tab

Redirect – This will redirect this page, when it is loaded, to the path supplied here. This can be an external website or a file that lives in the DAM. 

Tip: The "Redirect" option is how we link navigation items to files in the DAM or external websites. Navigation components display a list of all child pages in a site that are defined as allowed to show in navigation. If one of those pages is redirected then so is the navigation item that a user would click on.