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Working With Pages in WCM

Locating a Page From a URL

Oftentimes finding the page you want to edit in Adobe® Experience Manager (AEM) is the first challenge. The easiest way to find the page you are looking for is to use the URL of the page on the live website. Let’s look at the following URL.

The URL will give you the path/heirarchy of the page you're looking for in AEM. Let's put that URL in an outline view to see.
  --> /en

The image to the left shows that structure in AEM.

Creating a Page

Creating a page is easy. First, select the parent page that will contain the new page you are creating. Once the parent page is selected, click the "New..." button in the top toolbar. When the menu opens, select the "New Page" link. 

When the "Create Page" dialogue window opens, give the page a title and name. The "title" is what is shown on the live page as the title of the content. The "name" is what AEM uses in the URL. For instance, a name of "What is title insurance" will appear in the URL as "../what-is-title-insurance.html". AEM will convert the title attribute to a name and replace upper case with lower case and replace special characters with dashes for proper URL formatting. In most cases, you can leave the name field blank unless you want the name in the URL to be different from the title – usually done for brevity.

Once the page has a title – and possibly a unique name – you should then select the appropriate template. If you are unsure about the type of template to use, you can get the template name from other pages in your site by looking in the "Template" column in the right pane of the web content management (WCM). 

Moving and Renaming Pages

There are two ways to move pages in AEM as described below. 

Drag and Drop

In the left pane of the WCM, you can move pages by simply dragging them into their new location.

Right Click Menu

"Right click" the page you want to move and select the "Move" option. 

When the "Move" dialog box opens, select the destination path you wish to move the page to. 

Select "Yes" in the confirmation window to move the page. No activation is required for moving pages, changes are saved automatically.