Authoring Content

Working With Shared Content admins have created a wide variety of content that can be shared by multiple websites. This content is known as shared content. Shared content lives in a single place and can be used on a microsite with just one component, called the Reference Component. 

A few things to keep in mind before using shared content.

  • Check to make sure your site is not already using the shared content. 
  • Ensure that the content is appropriate for your website/audience. Some shared content is only applicable to a specific location or service/product offering. 
  • If you are unsure about a piece of shared content, contact your Marketing Manager. 
Note: To ensure consistency, shared content cannot be edited by authors but only referenced. If you feel that a piece of shared content is incorrect, please contact your Marketing Manager.

Browsing Shared Content

Shared content is located at the path below, as seen in the screenshot. Content can be previewed by double-clicking the "Name" field in the right pane of the Web Content Management. 


Here is list and description for each directory listed. 

Bios – All employee biographies live here. Adding staff bios is more of an advanced authoring technique, so please contact your marketing manager to have the edits made for you or schedule a live demo to learn these steps. An intermediate understanding of Adobe® Experience Manager authoring is required. 

Global Shared Content – This is where all public, global shared content lives. This content is generally safe to use on any microsite. Authors should look here to share content. 

Microsites – This shared content is specific for certain local microsites. For instance, all Nevada STC sites shared some content, so it is stored here. If you maintain multiple microsites and feel it would be more efficient to use shared content than manually recreating the same content, contact your marketing manager to add content here.

Using Shared Content

Using shared content is pretty straightforward and only requires the use of one component, the Reference Component. In our example, we will add the "Why Title Insurance?" shared content to a test site. 

Create a new page with a title that matches the title of the shared content. 

Add the Reference component to the page.

The Reference component adds an icon to the page. 

Double-clicking this icon will open up a dropdown box labeled "Reference".

Clicking the down arrow will open up a pathfinder to locate the desired shared content, in this example, "Why Title Insurance?" Once selected, the right pane will list all the components on the page. Select the first one and click "Select" in the bottom of the window.

You will then be taken back to the window with the drop down box only now the path will be populated with the content that was selected in the previous step. Your path should look like this.


At this point, you will need to remove the last piece of that path, including the slash so the new path will look like this.


Click "Ok", and the shared content will show on the page. Now start a workflow to get the page published by admins.