Component Library


The accordion component generates content in a "hide/show" fashion. Accordions are a very common user interface (UI) trend that allows a site visitor to show content on demand. It allows authors to show more content in a smaller space. Here is an example of the content generated by the accordion component.


Click on each accordion title to show its content. 

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Author Dialog

The author dialog for this component allows for the addition of one or more titles. For each title, an accordion pane is created with a blank paragraph system  in which any other component can be added. This is done so that multiple types of content can be added to an accordion content pane. 

  • Click "Add Item" to add a new title and its corresponding blank paragraph system.
  • Use the arrows to reorder the accordion content panes. This order is reflected on the content when it is output by the component.
  • The red circle removes an accordion title/content pane.
This is an example of the content output of the component. The dotted lines beneath each title represent a blank paragraph system.