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Biography List

The biography list component is used to create a dynamic list of associate names that are clickable to a bio page for that associate. An author selects a root node (page) that is the parent for all bio pages. The component then iterates through all the child pages of the parent and creates a list using any of those child pages that have a full page biography component on them. The bio page itself is a shared content and uses the full page biography component. Here is an example of how a biography list might look. 


"Basic Bio List" view

Name Contact
Linda Jones VP, Commercial Escrow and Title Officer Office: (702) 697-3700
Dane Robinson Division President Office: (702) 316-8549
  • Matthew W. Morris

    Chief Executive Officer

    Matt Morris serves as the chief executive officer of Stewart Information Services Corporation. As CEO, Morris focuses on enhancing growth and financial performance while preserving Stewart’s culture of integrity and service to customers.

    Full Bio

  • Jay Milligan

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Jay Milligan serves as Stewart's chief revenue officer. An accomplished leader with experience in strategic sales, market share and profitability, Milligan leads revenue-generating efforts throughout the enterprise.

    Full Bio

"Executive Bio List" view

Author Dialog

Select Bio List View: This defines the type of list that is created. All authors other than admins should use the "Basic Bio List View" option. The "Executive Bio List View" is only used in About Stewart and Investor Relations microsites. 

Display Office: If the "Basic Bio List" option is selected in the "Select Bio List View" box, a new option is added for "Display Office". This option adds a third column in the basic bio list view for "Office" and is populated with the city and state for the employee. This option is used by admins and should not be used on any Stewart or Stewart Title microsite. 

Bios Root Path: This pathfinder field defines the root node (page) that is the parent for all bio pages needed in a list. For instance, if a list of management staff is needed, an author would create a page in the local microsite labeled "Management" that is hidden from navigation. The author would then create child pages under "Management" for each person or bio. Each of those pages would reference the shared content bio page. When the "Management" page is supplied in the "Bios Root Path" option, the component creates a list out of all the child pages. In that list, all names are dynamically linked back to the local bio page, in the local microsite, that is referencing the shared content bio.