Component Library

Column Control

The Column Control component allows an author to add pre-configured columns to a page for layout needs. uses a 12 column fluid grid, which means that in the content portion of the page there are 12 columns that can be used. Grouping those columns into three groups with four columns each is a three column layout: 3x4=12. Two groups of six columns each creates two equal width columns. Likewise, a layout group that has four columns on the left and eight columns on the right is a two column layout with the right side of the page being twice as large as the column on the left. This page uses that layout. Notice that the left navigation column is smaller than the content area on the right. Consider the following illustration. 


The following examples are a visual representation of the different column options available in this component. Actual columns have a white background and allow other components to be displayed in them. 







Author Dialog

Column Layout: Choose the layout option that fits your content. Once the columns are on the page you will have a blank paragraph system in each column to place any other components you need.