Component Library

Full Page Biography

The Full Page Biography component is used to display an employees contact information and background information. This component has three distinct views


Basic Bio View

This view should be chosen for most associates where only basic information is shown, like name, title, email and phone number.

Expanded Staff Bio View

This view is usually only used for Business Development Officers (BDOs) who need to use their bio page as a marketing tool. This view offers the same options as the Basic Bio View but with the ability to add a vCard (.vcf format) download, social media and a custom bio that uses any other component we need it to. 

Executive Team Bio View

This view is for executives only. We restrict the display to only show a photo, biography and committees, if applicable.

Author Dialogs

Once the full page bio component is added to the page, you will then select the view you need. 

Executive Team Bio View

If the Executive Team Bio View is selected, a new field named "Committees" is shown. Click on the arrow to select any committees the executive belongs to.

Expanded Staff Bio View

The Expanded Staff Bio View has the following options specific to this view type.

  • Custom Bio: When checked, the biography text – pulled from the "Bio's Information" tab – is replaced with a blank paragraph system to add any components needed. 
  • Show VCF Download: When checked, a link to a download a VCF will be shown under the headshot image in the left column.
  • Find Me on LinkedIn®: Supply a path to the employee’s LinkedIn profile, and that link will be displayed under the headshot image in the left column.

Standard Staff Bio View

The Standard Staff Bio View has no specific view options.

The Bio's Information tab lets you define all the employee's specific information that is output into the different views. Fields that are red are required. 

The Image tab lets you drag an image from the content finder to be placed in the bio.