Component Library


The list component is used to create a dynamic list of news stories, press releases or events. The component basically works like this. 

For News Stories or Press Releases Both Use the Press Release Component

  • Point the component to the parent page for the press release pages you want to make a list out of.
  • The component then iterates through the child pages and generates a list of all pages that have a press release component and displays the title, date – if "Press Release" type is chosen – and makes the title clickable back to the page itself.

For Events

  • Point the component to the page that has an Event Container and at least one event component you want to make a list out of.
  • The component then iterates through the page and looks for an Event Container. Once found, a list is made of all the Events Components inside that Events Container. The component can then link back to the original Events page.


Press Release View

News View

Events View

  • NAR Annual/REALTORS® Conference & Expo

    November 02 - 05, 2018
    Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
    Boston, MA

  • "Global Workforce Symposium Worldwide ERC®/National Relocation Conference"

    October 17 - 19, 2018
    Seattle Convention Center
    Seattle, WA

  • "CREW Network Convention & Marketplace Commercial Real Estate Women"

    October 17 - 19, 2018
    Manchester Grand Hyatt
    San Diego, CA

View All Events

Author Dialog

Build List Using: Select the parent page this component will use to build the list.

Display As: Select the view type you want for your list. Examples are above.

Sort Order: This lists the pages by newest or oldest.

Results to be Displayed: Number of results to be displayed in the list.

View All: Select the page that has a complete list of Press Releases or Events.

View All ButtonTitle: This is the label of the button that links to the page defined in "View All" above.