Below is a list of templates and what types of sites should use them. 

Heads Up: You may see other templates being used that are not listed here. Please do not use them as they are utilized by stewart.com admins only. 

Stewart.com Home Page

Used on the home page of stewart.com or other microsites needing a larger home page masthead image. 

STG, STC, Segment Home and Segment Content

While these are separate templates in Adobe® Experience Manager their design is the same. 

Corporate Page

This template is used for corporate stewart.com pages that require a masthead photo for an improved visual experience. 

Content Page

Used on stewart.com corporate pages that do not require a masthead photo. 

Stewart Limited Home Page

Used on the home page of Stewart Title Limited microsites. 

Stewart Limited Content Page

Used on content pages of Stewart Title Limited microsites. 

Direct Ops and Words Landing Page

These templates are used for landing pages. One has the Stewart Title logo and the other uses the Stewart logo. 

Press Release Page

Used for stewart.com corporate press releases.