What is AEM?

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe® Experience Manager (AEM) is an enterprise-grade web content management system with a wide array of powerful features. With AEM, Stewart associates can author and publish website content.

This is achieved using two specialized environments: author and publish. 

  • Author: Here you can enter and manage the content for your website.
    The author instance is accessed via any modern web browser. While the author instance can be accessed with multiple devices (mobile, tablet and desktop), Stewart recommends that a desktop computer be used. 
  • Publish: This environment makes the content available to your intended audience.

Author/Publish Relationship

Each environment resides on its own web server. Once changes are made on the author instance, they are then replicated or "activated", which pushes the changes to the Publish environment where they are made public (www.stewart.com/...). AEM authors other than stewart.com admins will need to use a workflow to publish content.