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Collaboration and Compliance

It won’t be long until the TILA-RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure (TRID) rule goes into effect on October 3, 2015. On that date, the industry will be required to conform to the anticipated new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau® (CFPB) regulations. RealEC® Technologies has developed Closing Insight™, a suite of Internet-based technology solutions that will enable the mortgage industry to more easily meet new disclosure requirements by streamlining what could be a complex and unfamiliar work flow.

Between now and October 3, settlement agents will have time to get the training and preparation they need to make the transition to the new TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure processes. On April 15, 2015, RealEC Technologies opened registration to settlement agents who wish to use Closing Insight. Stewart’s direct operations with 51% or more ownership have been pre-registered with RealEC and should not register on their own. The registration process only applies to offices where Stewart owns less than 51% or to independent agencies that use the AIM+ title and escrow production software.

The registration is simple. Settlement agencies will be asked for:

  • company and user information,
  • current title production software application
  • any applicable licenses and
  • American Land Title Association (ALTA) universal ID(s)

Stewart suggests independent agencies get a head start by registering early to be ready when the new rule goes into effect.

Settlement agent registration is available at for any Stewart independent agency using AIM+. For agencies that do not use AIM+ they will receive more information from their software provider or RealEC Technologies.

Who is RealEC? 

RealEC Technologies, is a division of Black Knight Financial Services. They offer a suite of advanced, Internet-based technology solutions designed to enable lenders to effectively manage the loan origination process and help them meet investor salability requirements.

What is Closing Insight?

Closing Insight is an Internet-based technology suite developed to make it easier for the mortgage industry to conform to the TILA-RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure (TRID) rule and meet new loan disclosure requirements. Designed to be workflow-driven and collaborative, and built to work with RealEC’s Exchange™ platform, Closing Insight delivers the largest, fully interconnected network of lenders and service providers in the U.S. Its Closing Collaboration Portal, a secure, neutral platform, allows lenders, title underwriters and settlement agents to automate the numerous multi-party processes required to meet deadline and compliance requirements.

What is RealEC Common Workflow?

This is a commonly agreed upon set of events that will be used among Closing Insight lenders and providers to reflect the transaction fulfillment process.

Am I required to use Closing Insight to do business with lenders who use this platform?

Yes. Many of the country’s largest lenders, such as Wells Fargo®, Bank of America® and Union Bank®, have announced they will use Closing Insight to collaborate with settlement agents. According to their statements, Closing Insight will become their sole method for exchanging documents, data and information and they will begin to discontinue use of other delivery methods such as email and fax to transfer documents. Depending on the participating lender you may still see varied use of the other document delivery systems continue along with their RealEC usage until their transitions are fully complete to the new portal. In addition, many other high-volume lenders are implementing RealEC’s Closing Insight platform but have not yet made public announcements to that effect.

Do I have to do anything further to be able to use Closing Insight?

Stewart direct operation offices with 51% or more Stewart ownership have been pre-registered and will be ready to accept electronic orders using this new functionality.

Independent agencies are encouraged, by RealEC, to register in advance of the TRID implementation date in order to allow enough time for agencies and users to become familiar with the platform and receive training from RealEC.

How do I register for Closing Insight?

To register for Closing Insight, go to and follow the registration instructions. If you are an independent agency using AIM+ you can go to the webpage to register your operation. During the registration process, settlement agencies will be asked to provide basic company and user information, including company name and primary address, the software application they use and any applicable software license IDs. A specific software ID for AIM+ is not required to register with Closing Insight.

How long does it take to register?

According to RealEC, the Closing Insight registration process takes five minutes for an individual registration, and approximately 30 minutes for company registration.

Does Closing Insight integrate with title and escrow production systems?

Settlement agents using software from RealEC’s Closing Insight software partner network will be able to leverage integration developed; they will receive notification from their software provider on how to obtain the additional information on training and configuration requirements to complete the necessary setup.

For a full list of software partners, which includes Stewart’s AIM+ application, visit the Closing Insight website.

If I do not use a software on Closing Insight's software provider network list, can I use this system?

Settlement agents using proprietary software or commercial software outside of the Closing Insight software partner network will be granted access to Closing Insight through RealEC’s service provider web portal, an easy-to-access website where agents will be able to interact electronically with the lender.

Will there be training on how to use Closing Insight? 

Stewart training will include the Closing Insight functionality as it relates to the developed solution within its AIM+ software platform. This will solve the training needs so all users will be up to speed on Closing Insight technology well before the October 3 effective date. For training specifically on how to use Closing Insight, view this pre-recorded webinar from RealEC, or visit for more information.

Will AIM+ support Closing Insight?

Yes. AIM+ will initially be using a hybrid integration, which means that core closing data entry and the RealEC Common Workflow will be supported within AIM+. The RealEC Closing Insight portal will be used for all Closing Disclosure collaboration (such as reviewing fee-level comments).

With the AIM+ integration, will I have to enter data in more than one place?

No. The AIM+ hybrid model will not require duplicate data entry. Closing data will only have to be entered into one place.

How does the AIM+/Closing Insight hybrid integration process work?

RealEC orders will be delivered into AIM+. Common Workflow events are supported within a new AIM+ module. Users will be able to retrieve documents provided through the integration and store them as they do today. Closing data will still be entered into the AIM+ closing module.

How is closing data delivered through the AIM+/Closing Insight hybrid integration?

Users will trigger closing data delivery within a new AIM+ module.

As an AIM+ user, will I be required to use the RealEC Closing Insight Portal?

Yes. The portal will be launched from AIM+ and will be used for the analysis of fees changes between settlement agents and lenders for all Closing Disclosure collaboration.

What do I need to prepare so I can use the AIM+ hybrid integration?

In addition to registering with RealEC, independent agencies using AIM+ will need to provide your Party ID (PID), as well as other information (usernames, tracking information for default location, etc) to the PropertyInfo Customer Care team. View this presentation for more detailed information about what must be provided to complete the AIM+/Closing Insight hybrid integration.

Will AIM+ ever be fully integrated with Closing Insight, so I don’t have to use the Closing Insight portal?

This is being evaluated by Stewart. We will communicate as appropriate and through our regular communication channels regarding AIM+ enhancements and platform integrations.

Will Stewart provide training on how to use this integration in AIM+?

Yes. AIM+ Training on the Closing Disclosure is available via live webinar through August 21. Find a date and time and register as soon as possible; classes are offered on a first come first served basis and space is limited. The AIM+/Closing Insight integration training will come after these AIM+ Closing Disclosure training sessions. Communications containing integration training dates and registration information will be provided in the near future.

Will AIM+ be MISMO 3.3 compliant?

Yes, AIM+ will be MISMO 3.3 compliant. All Closing Disclosure data in AIM+ is being created in this format.