Title Agents

Stewart Preferred Services

Enabling title agencies to reduce expenses while improving their IT infrastructure. 

Tough times have been made tougher with the simultaneous need to reduce costs while keeping up with the technology needs of a title agency. Stewart is proud to provide agencies a solution to this problem with Stewart Preferred Services (SPS).

Stewart Preferred Services works to help agencies using the negotiating power and technical expertise of Stewart to reduce agencies' tech and business expenses, and improve their IT infrastructure in four areas:

  • Evaluating and lowering each agency's IT and business spending
  • Negotiating with vendors to reduce monthly expenses
  • Providing/supplementing IT support to scale for business growth
  • Consulting on back-office applications as well as custom integrations and system upgrades

Stewart Preferred Services functions as an extension of the agency throughout the process, working with the company to determine what is best for their needs today and tomorrow.

To learn more about how Stewart Preferred Services can decrease your operational costs, contact us today at requests@stewartpreferredservices.com or (866) 880-2658.