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Property Profiles

Property Profiles provides a wealth of information useful to understanding a subject property's makeup. Easily research properties by address, owner name, legal description or parcel identification number. Property Profiles returns all pertinent property and owner information for any property. Other reports available include Comparable Market Analysis (CMA), Nearby Neighbors, Subdivision Statistics, Nearby Schools and Businesses, Demographics Sketch Vectors, Aerial Images and Parcel Maps.

Subscribers may perform basic searches on address, address range, street name, owner name, parcel identification number or subdivision. Subscribers may also target properties with more defined search criteria by using the advanced search. Combine search criteria on location, general property characteristics, mortgage date and amount, sale date and amount, land information (value, acreage, square feet), legal information and miscellaneous characteristics as well as many other fields. All search results may be downloaded or printed directly to labels.

Services vary state by state. Technology provided by PropertyInfo Corporation, a Stewart company.

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