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Welcome to the Advanced Title Search Training Center! We hope you find the information on this page useful as you begin or continue to use Advanced Title Search (ATS).

Did You Know?

ATS 8.6.0 deploys on September 16, 2017. Refer to the latest Release Notes for details on enhancements and fixed defects.

Self-Paced Learning

For immediate training or a refresher on a specific topic, refer to the following training resources.

Using Advanced Title Search, you can improve your search and examination efficiency. This web-base search management application provides an automated and efficient title search process for title agents, real estate professionals, builders, developers, lenders, and consumers. To learn more about ATS, click the links below.

Updating Your ProfileQuick Reference
Accessing ATSWebinar4:52
How to Login
Manually Search for a Document
My Profile PageWebinar5:07
ATS DemoWebinar59:42

To learn more about using and navigating through ATS, click the links below.


To learn more about Documents, click the links below.

User GuideDocumentN/A
ResWare Full IntegrationWebinar16:00

Learn more about each release by reading the Release Notes.

September 16, 20178.6.0Release Notes
August 19, 20178.5.0Release Notes
July 15, 20178.4.0Release Notes
June 17, 20178.3.0Release Notes
May 20, 20178.2.0Release Notes
April 22, 20178.1.0Release Notes
March 25, 20178.0.0Release Notes
February 18, 20177.25.0Release Notes
January 21, 20177.24.0Release Notes
December 17, 20167.23.0Release Notes
November 19, 20167.22.0Release Notes
October 15, 20167.21.0Release Notes
September 17, 20167.20.0Release Notes
August 20, 20167.19.0Release Notes
July 16, 20167.18.0Release Notes
May 23, 20167.16.0Release Notes
March 18, 20167.14.0Release Notes
February 12, 20167.13.0Release Notes
January 15, 20167.12.0Release Notes
December 11, 20157.11.0Release Notes
November 9, 20157.10.0Release Notes
September 18, 20157.9.0Release Notes
August 14, 20157.8.0Release Notes
July 17, 20157.7.0Release Notes
June 12, 20157.6.0Release Notes
May 15, 20157.5.0Release Notes
April 17, 20157.4.0Release Notes
March 13, 20157.3.0Release Notes