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Welcome to the eClosingRoom Training Center! We hope you find the information on this page useful as you begin or continue to use eClosingRoom.

Did You Know?

When all signature and initial blocks have been added to a document, you must save the document by clicking the Save Document icon. If not, clicking the Exit to eClose icon prompts you to save your changes prior to exiting eClose.

Tip: Check back for additional tips and shortcuts that could save you time and increase your productivity.

Additional Training

Visit Stewart University for additional eClosingRoom training.

Self-Paced Learning

For immediate training or a refresher on a specific topic, refer to the following training resources.

Simplify the real estate transaction and closing process to improve the experience for you and your customers. Using eClosingRoom, you can provide faster, more efficient eco-friendly transactions with dramatically reduced contract-to-closing times.

Managing eClosingRoom

Click the recording/tutorial you want to view; it opens in a new browser. When finished, close the browser.

Setting Up SureClose Summary Page for eClosingRecorded Webinar5 min
Using eClosingRoom
Using eClosingRoom for ConsumerDemonstration7 min
Preparing Documents for eClosingRecorded Webinar24 min
Unarchiving FilesTutorial2 min

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