Stewart has contracted with U.S. Bank for our VISA® company credit card and out-of-pocket expense management program. This program replaces our Wells Fargo® MasterCard® program, as well as the Lawson Expense Management tool used for out-of-pocket expense reimbursement.

If you have received a U.S. Bank VISA card, please follow the instructions provided with the card to activate it and begin using immediately. Discontinue use of Wells Fargo MasterCard; transfer all recurring charges, if any, to your new VISA card; and destroy the MasterCard accordingly. You will also need to complete all outstanding expense reports in the Wells Fargo expense management system.

U.S. Bank Expense Management for Company Credit and Out-of-Pocket Expenses

  • Access to submit all company credit and out-of-pocket expenses. (Operations Accounting has emailed usernames and passwords to associates.)
  • Utilize the Quick Start Guide to assist in categorizing expenses, scanning receipts and electronically submitting your expense reports. Training is available on Stewart University within the Accounting section, labeled “Managing Business Expenses” and “Approving Business Expenses.”
  • Resources, policies and an FAQ can be found on the StewartPoint Finance & Accounting site.

Once an approving manager has signed off on an out-of-pocket expense report, reimbursement funds will automatically be deposited into your primary checking account* (as noted in the ADP® system) within 48-72 hours of approval.

*Important: If out-of-pocket expense funds are to be deposited to an account other your primary checking account, please email

If you have never submitted an out-of-pocket expense report, paper or otherwise, you will need to request access to the U.S. Bank expense management portal from the Corporate Card Administrator at The Corporate Card Administrator manages access for both company credit cards and out-of-pocket expenses.

** Associates with the IT Division, PropertyInfo, Stewart Lender Services/Home Retention and eTitle should continue using their existing process for out-of-pocket expenses and company credit cards, until setup is complete in the U.S. Bank system. Within the next 30 days, you will receive your portal login and company VISA® card (if applicable) to begin using the new U.S. Bank portal for out-of-pocket expense reimbursement and credit card expenses.

Lawson Expense Management

Please note the Lawson Expense Reporter will be disabled at the end of July. At that time, you will need to begin to use the U.S. Bank expense management portal noted above. Lawson Expense Approver should be used to approve any outstanding Lawson expense reports until the end of July. Please use the expense manager page for the next 30 days.

If you have not been provided a username and password for the U.S. Bank portal, email

For questions about the U.S. Bank expense management portal, email, or contact Accounts Payable associates Debra Howerton at (713) 232-4322 or Bill Brown at (713) 232-4343.