Lender Services


In today’s capital markets environment, we understand that you need an experienced partner you can trust to manage due diligence efforts and enable the end-to-end transparency to optimize loan performance. As your single established outsource provider, Stewart Lender Services has the valuable guidance and deep knowledge to make you more efficient and responsive to your customers’ needs. From loan file review to loss mitigation through asset disposition, we have you covered.

Our associates are specialists and can apply their deep expertise in mortgage loan servicing, securitization and underwriting.

We have proprietary technology, infrastructure, and processes designed to meet requirements for public and private-sector clients, with the capacity to deliver high-quality results on time sensitive projects involving tens of thousands of loans. For investors looking to deliver profitability when acquiring/selling loan assets & portfolios, accurate and timely information is critical. Access to this information through a single provider can save you time and money spent in due diligence, allowing you to focus more on your bid strategy and profitability.

Our clients include:

  • Institutional investors
  • Hedge funds
  • Mutual funds
  • Private investors
  • Government agencies
  • Government servicing entities
  • Rating agencies
  • Mortgage originators
  • Mortgage insurers
  • Investment banks
  • Transfer agent
  • Conduits

A full suite of services to support new originations, secondary market transactions, servicing oversight and QC includes:

  • Loan File Review
  • Due Diligence
  • Servicer Performance Management
  • Agency Quality Control Review
  • Servicing Oversight
  • CFPB Readiness Audit

All services and products referenced herein are offered by or through a member of the Stewart family of companies, as applicable, and may vary by state or local jurisdiction. The statements herein are not a representation that services or products are being offered or performed by Stewart Lender Services or any particular Stewart company. Where applicable, all services and products are performed and produced by an entity fully licensed to do so.