Lender Services

Servicing Oversight

At Stewart Lender Services, we work hand in hand with you to manage operational risk by analyzing loan portfolios, identifying servicing errors and resolving exceptions prior to an audit or regulatory exam. Our deep knowledge and extensive expertise enabled us to provide a comprehensive servicing oversight and QC program that satisfies regulators’ requirements while providing you with an objective assessment of a servicer’s performance.

Our valuable guidance gives visibility into specific risk and compliance areas

  • Ability to target, research and report on state and federal laws, modification programs, escrow accuracy and foreclosure compliance
  • Identification, correction and testing of servicing exceptions to demonstrate compliance and satisfy regulatory requirements

Servicing Performance Management System

A main feature of our program is the Servicing Performance Management system, which identifies exceptions to servicing standards that may adversely impact the long-term performance of your portfolio. We load loan-level data, compliance requirements and investor guidelines into the system as automated business rules. Any rule violations are selected and further analyzed by the Stewart team. We then distribute them directly to the loan servicers for remediation in real time, expediting the resolution of servicing errors while simultaneously providing transparency to our clients.

The Servicing Performance Management system is a useful tool for clients with one servicer or several subservicers. It provides the ability to standardize and analyze multiple servicing data sets. The results can be summarized and reported at an institutional level or segregated by subservicer or loan pool to analyze loan performance at a granular level.

Our team of experts will actively monitor the servicing operations of your servicing portfolios and identify errors. They will then work directly with the servicers on your behalf to remediate the exceptions, while providing transparency to all interested stakeholders. The result is a reduction in reputational risk and a significant improvement in all aspects of portfolio performance.

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