Lender Services

Call Center/Borrower Outreach

With Stewart Lender Services’ deep knowledge-base, we have developed a specialized call center and document management support system that can deliver component based functionality in step with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) revised servicing requirements. Our solutions include:

  • New minimum requirements around servicing standards for outreach and lettering campaigns
  • Customized inbound and outbound call coverage
  • Prescriptive and milestone based lettering campaign support
  • FedEx®, certified and regular mail options
  • Expedited financial package inventory and review
  • Expedited imaging and indexing services
  • Package acknowledgement and follow-up call and correspondence support
  • Welcome calls
  • Modification-related payment reminder calls

We are especially skilled at management of loss mitigation related documentation. Whether you are looking for call support to assist in working with clients or simply behind the scenes processing support to allow your staff to be more effective, we can provide the scale and expediency necessary to stay in compliance.

Hispanic Call Center/Borrower Outreach

Stewart Lender Services specializes in borrower outreach solutions. We will work with you, using our extensive expertise and deep knowledge-base, to customize a solution that assists with your growing need to better service Hispanic populations.

Studies have shown that:

  • From 1998-2008, homeownership rates increased to close to 60% for Hispanic families
  • Delinquency and foreclosure rates amongst Hispanic populations also increased considerably from 2007-2010

We have Spanish-speaking mortgage professionals able to handle customer service, collection and loss mitigation related calls in its Houston-based call center. The center servicing our clients supports bilingual call center solutions with over 40% of its staff.

The center’s counselors are adept at facilitating inbound and outbound call communication with Hispanic customers. This has eliminated the complication of transferring calls. Our counselors have exceptional default related experience to assist with counseling and simplifying loss mitigation related calls.

We can provide translation services for documentation, letters or other correspondence in Spanish. In many cases this eliminates the need for the borrower to place a phone call or obtain other assistance in order to understand the requirements of the various loss mitigation programs.

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