Stewart Title Costa Rica Chaired Annual Expo Casa

COSTA RICA (September 1, 2009) – The seventh annual edition of Expo Casa, organized by Century 21®, Stewart Title Costa Rica and the Costa Rican Chamber of Construction, was held August 5 - 9, 2009, in the Prima Convention Center in Cenada, showcasing 182 housing projects.

“In January 2009, when the organizing committee first met, the future of Expo Casa 2009 was uncertain. The financial crisis in the United States was at its peak, and there were serious concerns of whether it was worth the effort to move forward or not,” said Orlando Lopez, general manager of Stewart Title Costa Rica, wholly owned subsidiary of Stewart Title Latin America (STLA). STLA is an independently owned agency of Stewart Title Guaranty Company.

“Now that Expo Casa 2009 is complete, we realize that this was a critical event for the real estate industry in Costa Rica. Not only did it serve its purpose of providing potential home buyers with the widest selection of real estate, but it also served as a trigger to reactivate financing solutions offered by banks in Costa Rica. Expo Casa 2009 may very well mark a turning point for residential financing,” said Lopez.

Expo Casa, specifically held for individuals interested in purchasing a home, is the largest real estate fair in Costa Rica. More than 12,000 participants, including Rodrigo Arias, the minister of the presidency and brother of President Oscar Arias, attended the event.

Expo Casa is the only real estate fair held at a national level – gathering developers, lenders, REALTORS® and other companies across Costa Rica.

Lopez served as the 2009 President of Expo Casa.

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