Stewart Global Solutions Forms Partnership with Tyler Technologies, Inc.

HOUSTON (April 24, 2012) – Stewart Global Solutions, a division of PropertyInfo Corporation, a Stewart company, today announced that it has partnered with Tyler Technologies Inc. to offer an integrated international legal/fiscal cadastre solution, including Stewart’s landfolio® land registration and cadastre software. The agreement will put tools into the hands of international governments for improving the infrastructure upon which a fair and equitable system of land administration/land registration and property taxation/assessment/collection is built.

Stewart has worked throughout the world providing secure land tenure/land titling solutions to its clients. Most recently, Stewart has participated in land administration projects in West Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. Stewart’s landfolio software is the keystone to providing reliable, scalable, sustainable and secure transaction management to land rights registration functions. Tyler’s iasWorld software solution is used by more than 300 jurisdictions across the United States for managing the entire property tax life cycle. From computer-assisted mass appraisal to assessment and tax billing and collection, the software provides a complete browser-based, GIS-enabled toolset.

Stewart does business in more than 80 foreign countries, as well as emerging markets where legally valid land titling systems are involved in the earliest stages of economic development. Stewart serves these countries through offices in Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America.

The partnership with Tyler Technologies creates a comprehensive strategy for international governments that need an integrated solution for all aspects of property rights and assessment management,” said Jill Urban-Karr, executive vice president of Stewart Global Solutions. “The extensive experience that both Stewart and Tyler Technologies have in their respective areas of expertise can now be leveraged together to bring a truly all-inclusive solution to our international clients.

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