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PropertyInfo Corporation, a Stewart Company, announces SureClose Personal Edition, the next generation in REALTOR transaction management

LAS VEGAS (Nov. 13, 2007) – SureClose Personal Edition gives real estate professionals the ability to manage their business online to increase productivity, expand service offerings, improve communication and the customer experience.

“SureClose Personal Edition represents the newest, most advanced version.  Prior to this, there has not been a version tailored for the individual agent before SureClose® for individual REALTORS® desiring to manage their real estate transactions online,” said Stewart Morris Jr., president and co-CEO, Stewart Information Services Corp. “SureClose Professional, designed for the real estate broker, is the most-widely used transaction management system with more than three million transactions online. SureClose Personal Edition is tailored to individual real estate professionals – providing a well-engineered user interface and intuitive navigation and functionality, based upon extensive customer research and feedback.”  

SureClose Personal Edition is accessible to real estate professionals and their clients 24/7 via the Internet. The system provides an integrated toolkit to:

  • Manage documents online
  • Track the status of transactions
  • Brand real estate agency and services
  • Edit images from within the system
  • Invite parties into the transaction for peer-to-peer collaboration
  • Order title and closing services

“SureClose Personal Edition not only allows REALTORS® to manage their business online, but also allows them to provide a whole new level of service to their clients,” said Travis Wright, president of Stewart Transaction Solutions, a division of PropertyInfo Corporation. “The National Association of REALTORS® survey notes that 79 percent of today’s home buyers are searching for a home using the Internet. SureClose Personal Edition allows real estate professionals to communicate with their clients in the manner in which they are comfortable.”

“Parties can join online for peer-to-peer collaboration on their real estate transactions,” Wright continues. “Guests, including real estate professionals, title agents, lenders, partners and vendors, can log into your branded SureClose Personal Edition Web site to easily view the documents and tasks pertinent to their transaction.”

SureClose Personal Edition features SureScan™ scanning technology for easy document upload – allowing real estate professionals the ability to scan documents directly to a specific transaction file. In addition, users can scan, upload, e-mail, fax or print documents to digital file folders for transaction file management.

SureClose Personal Edition is available at the National Association of REALTORS® Conference with a show special of $99 for an annual subscription. SureClose Personal Edition is available at

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