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It's that personal touch that makes Gracy a company that stands out above the rest, so we have developed this page specifically to highlight the unique efforts put forth by our committed associates. Here individual employees are accredited for their outstanding accomplishments that go above and beyond what is ordinarily expected. Read below for some great "WOW" customer service testimonials and other notable accomplishments

Platinum 50 Educator of the Year


Nicole Boynton, Gracy's director of training and social media, received the high honor of being elected as the Educator of the Year in the Special Category Awards segment at the Platinum Top 50 REALTORS® awards celebration in Austin on December the 17.

To be considered, a nominee’s broker or manager must submit a nominating letter to Platinum Top 50 REALTORS® highlighting things important to the Platinum Top 50 REALTORS® Award Program, such as the nominee’s professional success, industry involvement and community involvement. Nomination letters are submitted Platinum Top 50 REALTORS® and are presented to an executive review board comprised of local and national business executives who are not in the real estate industry. Board members individually read and rank the nominations. The nominee in each category who receives the highest total points from the executive review board is selected as the winner.

Pictured is Nicole Boynton displaying her award proudly alongside David Tandy, CEO of Gracy Title.

Austin Outlaws NDC Hall of Fame


Pictured left: Michelle Piperi, Tracy and David Tandy | Pictured right: The South MoPac Office Team

November 2014 - Tracy Blair

On Monday, November 10 it was announced that Tracy Blair, sales executive at our South MoPac office, was one of the select few who were inducted into the NDC (Non-directing Customers) Hall of Fame. She is one of only five associates recognized nationally in November throughout the Stewart organization for her efforts and awarded a $500 bonus.

Is there an individual within your Gracy office that you feel goes above and beyond in getting the NDC in the door? Additional submissions for the Hall of Fame will be made at the end of November. Contact Michelle Piperi for more information on how to become a contender. You could be next.

Click here to read more about how Tracy acquired her Hall of Fame status.

Gracy employees can click here for more details on NDC Championship Season.

Gracy Academy Class of 2014


Never stop learning, at least that's what's instilled in the minds of our up and coming graduates in the Gracy Academy. These associates exemplify the spirit of perseverance, and now have the honor of being recognized as the select few in the 2014 graduating class. Our graduates frequently met with our executive panel of instructors to clearly understand the company's expectations. They were guided by Gracy's executive team and learned much from each other on how to handle difficult day-to-day situations with customers.

This year's Gracy Academy graduates are (pictured below from left to right): Robyn McNabb, Ryan Rogers, Shannon Koebel, Shawna Fletcher and Whitney Wright.

Join us in congratulating them on their outstanding performance!

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