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It's that personal touch that makes Gracy a company that stands out above the rest, so we have developed this page specifically to highlight the unique efforts put forth by our committed associates. Here individual employees are accredited for their outstanding accomplishments that go above and beyond what is ordinarily expected. Read below for some great "WOW" customer service testimonials and other notable accomplishments

2015 Anniversary Celebration

15 OCTOBER 2015

This year 36 people were recognized for hitting their respective landmark anniversaries with the company. Our super hero themed event at the Oasis brought Gracy employees out of the office to enjoy an afternoon of fun celebrating the tenure of our outstanding associates at the Oasis on Lake Travis. The following list shows the associates who were honored at the event:
(40 Years) Cherry Knepley; (35 Years) Wanda Frederick; (30 Years) Dale Johnson, Janis Shields; (25 Years) Nancy García-Chavez; (15 Years) Michelle Sankey, Lisa Harris, Denise Moody, Shirley Childers, Mandy Dean-Knotts; (10 Years) Bob Roberts, Marie Love, Sarah Scholwinski, Enriqueta “Que” Reyes, Marisa Harrington, Marie Farber, Marla Lee, Ryan Mahoney, Michelle LeMay-Fleming, Whitney Wright, Robyn McNabb, Mary Trotter, Tim Estes, Monica Eastlack, Sherry Bounds, Lisa Altamirano; (5 Years) Mandy Chevez, Angela Walters, Heather Mitchell, Evelyn Lutz, Heidi Minyen, Jean Susaraba, Scott Reynolds, Raven Rovello, Nicole Boynton, Lesli Ray

There was also a pause in the evening dedicated to two associates who recently retired from Gracy Title. We wish you all the best!
Pam Freydenfeldt, Escrow Officer - 37 years
Barbara Seales, Legal Assistant - 13 years

A special thank you to Taylor Preston, in the production department, who brought the event to life with his imaginative super hero characters and the following presenters from the executive team who took us down memory lane with a timeline of our featured associates and their amazing accomplishments throughout their careers: David Tandy, Wanda Frederick and Larry Molinare.

Click here for a slideshow of the event.

Austin Outlaws NDC Hall of Fame


March 2015 - Melissa Cason

On Wednesday, April 8 it was announced that Melissa Cason, sales executive at our 183 North - Oak Knoll office, was one of the select few to be inducted into the NDC (Non-directing Customers) Hall of Fame. She was among the only five associates recognized nationally in March of 2015 throughout the Stewart organization for her efforts and awarded a $500 bonus!

Is there an individual within your Gracy office that you feel goes above and beyond in getting the NDC in the door? Additional submissions for the Hall of Fame will be made at the end of November. Contact Michelle Piperi for more information on how to become a contender. You could be next!

Click here to read more about how Melissa acquired her Hall of Fame status.

Gracy employees can click here for more details on NDC Championship Season.

Gracy Associates Go Red for Sherry

12 FEBRUARY 2015

Employees of the Gracy family including Prosperity, Dominion and Bedrock title companies go red on Wednesday February 11 in honor of Ms. Sherry Bounds (pictured in white in the photo above).  They celebrated life and raised awareness with carnations, cupcakes, red attire and red dress pins. This day marks Sherry's one year anniversary of surviving triple bypass and heart valve replacement after a sudden heart attack.