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Serving the Greater Area of
Austin, TX

Escrow Officers

Stewart Title of Austin, LLC, is home to Central Texas’ most experienced escrow officers, our in-house legal counsel and a staff of exceptionally professional personnel. We have an average escrow staff tenure of over 20 years with Central Texas’ most seasoned abstractors and examiners (also averaging over 20 years of experience). In addition, our escrow officers possess the highest organizational and interpersonal communication skills to ensure all parties are involved in every step of the transaction.

Name Contact
Ashley Smith Escrow Officer ashley.smith@stewart.com Office: (512) 795-8434
Cathy Bade Escrow Officer cathy.bade@stewart.com Office: (512) 263-5651
Cheryl Sullivan Escrow Officer cheryl.sullivan@stewart.com Office: (512) 343-4168
Collin Chunta Escrow Officer collin.chunta@stewart.com Office: (512) 343-4142
Debbie Rothhammer Escrow Officer debbie.rothhammer@stewart.com Office: (512) 795-8434
Debra Holloway Vice President / Escrow Branch Manager debra@gracytitle.com Office: (512) 261-7819
Devona Groneck Escrow Officer devona.groneck@stewart.com Office: (512) 343-4168
Enriqueta “Que” Reyes Branch Manager / Escrow Officer ereyes@stewart.com Office: (512) 312-2611
Ginger Bone Escrow Officer ginger.bone@stewart.com Office: (512) 312-2611
Haylie Shearer Escrow Officer haylie.shearer@stewart.com Office: (512) 472-8421
Janis Shields Branch Manager / Escrow Officer janis.shields@stewart.com Office: (512) 930-0500
Jennifer Torzewski Escrow Officer / AIM and SureClose Administrator jennifer.torzewski@stewart.com Office: (512) 322-8791
Karan Knippa VP / Escrow Officer karan.knippa@stewart.com
Kathy Lagaza Sr. Escrow Officer kathy.lagaza@stewart.com Office: (512) 306-1120
Kharon "KC" Clark Sr. Escrow Officer kc.clark@stewart.com Office: (512) 306-1120
Kim McCarthy Branch Manager / Escrow Officer kim.mccarthy@stewart.com Office: (512) 795-8434
Kristi Dobrinski Escrow Officer kristi.dobrinski@stewart.com Office: (512) 331-9647
Lacey Warren Branch Manager / Escrow Officer lacey.warren@stewart.com Office: (512) 328-3596
Lucy Gallagher Branch Manager / Escrow Officer lucy.gallagher@stewart.com Office: (512) 331-9647
Lynna Lichtenberger Right of Way Escrow Officer lynna.lichtenberger@stewart.com Office: (512) 263-5651
Mandy Dean-Knotts Commercial Escrow Officer mandy.dean@stewart.com Office: (512) 472-9231
Maria Lopez Escrow Officer maria.lopez@stewart.com Office: (512) 472-9231
Marie Farber Branch Manager / Escrow Officer marie.farber@stewart.com Office: (512) 847-5555
Marie Love Branch Manager / Sr. Commercial Escrow Officer marie.love@stewart.com Office: (512) 322-8706
Michelle LeMay-Fleming Branch Manager / Escrow Officer michelle.fleming@stewart.com Office: (512) 894-3060
Niki Frost Escrow Officer niki.frost@stewart.com Office: (512) 472-9231
Paige Pampe Escrow Officer paige.pampe@stewart.com Office: (512) 582-4900
Shannon Koebel Escrow Officer shannon.koebel@stewart.com Office: (512) 795-8434
Shawna Fletcher Commercial Escrow Officer shawna.fletcher@stewart.com Office: (512) 472-9231
Stacey Johnson Branch Manager / Sr. Escrow Officer stacey.johnson@stewart.com Office: (512) 306-1120
Susan Robertson Sr. Escrow Officer susan.robertson@stewart.com Office: (512) 244-2946
Susie McCreary VP / Commercial Division Escrow Mngr. / Sr. Escrow Officer susie.mccreary@stewart.com Office: (512) 472-9231
Vicky Wilhelm Sr. Escrow Officer vicky.wilhelm@stewart.com Office: (512) 306-1120
Whitney Wright Escrow Officer whitney.wright@stewart.com Office: (512) 894-3060