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BombBomb Video Email

Class Length 1 hr.

Your old email is dead. Take new email to the next level using BombBomb™ video email. Don’t allow your personality and your voice to get lost in regular email when you can use video instead. In this one hour course we will cover the basics of using Bomb Bomb to get your messages across clearly. Bomb Bomb email gets 81% more replies, 68% more leads converted, and 56% more referrals. We will cover video tips, how to record video, and using the BombBomb Email Composer to craft the perfect message. 

Cyber Security

Class Length 1 hr.

The Internet has made data easier than ever to access and that includes your personal information. The very companies you rely on to market your real estate business also turn around and sell or trade your personal data. From phishing attacks to identity theft, every person who uses the web, email, credit cards, or has a device that connects to the Internet faces a very real threat every single day. How do you manage all of your passwords? Do you use public wireless Internet access? Does your computer have a webcam? These are all vulnerabilities for data theft.

In this course, you will learn how to keep your real estate data protected, as well as your personal accounts. We will show you how hackers can breach your information, exact steps to safeguard your online life, and specific ways to protect your data and your business that you can immediately implement.


Class Length 1 hr.

Real estate agents are constantly on the go and need access to information quickly. Dropbox gives you the freedom to have a hard drive and My Documents folder without the burden of carrying a computer around. Dropbox is the leader in cloud storage and this product will revolutionize the way you do business. This course will show agents how to use Dropbox to store documents, photos, and videos in the cloud, how to retrieve and share documents, and how to easily transfer information from Matrix (MLS) to Dropbox. We will cover using Dropbox from a computer and a mobile device. Going paperless has never been so easy. 

Farming With Realist

Class Length 1 hr.

Farming can be very timely and expensive. We want to make sure you choose the right neighborhood/area. This class will provide in-depth insight on how to qualify a neighborhood for farming. Before you spend money on mailings, we will determine if the area already has an entrenched listing agent, the average sales price, average days on the market and how often people move from the area (turnover rate). In addition, you will learn how to determine if a property is owner-occupied or has a tenant and the date of purchase or refinance. We will work in Matrix to find market data and then go to Realist to show you exactly how to run mailing labels. This is not a hands-on class, but we will provide you the tools and step-by-step directions, so you can make a solid decision when choosing a neighborhood to farm.

Google Drive and Google Docs

Class Length 1 hr.

This one hour class will show you all about Google Drive and Google Docs. With Google Drive you can save all your documents to the cloud and access them from any computer or smart device as well as share and send them to others. Google docs can be used to replace Word, Power Point, and Excel. With Google Forms you can create a reusable templates for client needs assessment or even client surveys after closing. Using Google docs means you don’t have to worry whether your client uses Mac or PC because all computers can open Google files with ease. Google Docs and Drive are accessible from anywhere and allow you to create, share, and send documents while on the go so you have more time to focus on clients instead of paperwork. 

IABS and CPN Rules for Social Media

Class Length 1 hr.

As of February 1, 2016, license holders are now required to use and publish the completed mandatory IABS form that is required on an agent’s website, social media, and email. Consumer Protection Notice is required on websites and social media. It has been difficult to navigate the process to comply with TREC’s ruling until now. We will break down all the specifics for IABS and CPN including exactly how to create a link and post it to both email and social media. Failure to comply with these new rules could result in a fine to the agent from TREC.

Intro to Evernote

Class Length 1 hr.

Can you recite the serial numbers, shackle codes and CBS codes to all your lockboxes? Would you like to take photos and make notes on your iPad® as you walk through listings and share everything with your client? How many times have you lost a sticky note or piece of paper with important information? What if you had all the information at your fingertips 24/7 and could find it instantly? Evernote® can remember everything for you and be your brain backup. This free system is the most important tool in your real estate business. With Evernote, you can create notes from anywhere, and they will sync to all of your devices automatically. Add photos, voice memos, transcribe notes or make lists. This one-hour class will show you all the basics to start using Evernote right away and could change your life.

Matrix Mastery

Class Length 1 hr.

Agents use Matrix™ every day to search, add listings and set up client searches. Did you know there are tips and shortcuts to master Matrix and save yourself tons of time? We will show you how to use the speed bar for lightning fast searches, change the columns that show in your search results, use Quick CMA, run stats with just four clicks and, most importantly, we will show you how to add Information About Brokerage to your Matrix email signature so you can comply with TREC’s new rules. Join us for this one-hour course and become a Matrix Master.

Simplify Your Social Media

Class Length 1 hr.

Real estate agents, to be successful in today’s market, must master the social media tools available in a virtual world. The purpose of this course is to provide real estate professionals with powerful tools to make the Internet work for them through a website known as Hootsuite®. After this class, agents will be able to comment and post on all social networks, schedule updates, and officially become a social media guru. Agents will need to know their logins and passwords for Facebook®, LinkedIn® and Google+®, so a Hootsuite account can be created.

Why Social Media Must be a Part of Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

Class Length 1 hr.

Are you currently using social media to market your business? Most social media is free and one reader’s click can expose your brand to hundreds of people. If just three people clicked on your post it could means thousands of views. Each person you connect with via social media could mean more closed deals and more money in your pocket. The Internet is viral by nature and people will share good content. We will show you exactly how to create effective content, where to post, when to post, and how to use the content that you share in order to create raving fans of your business. 

YouTube Made Easy

Class Length 1 hr.

YouTube currently has over 1 billion users – almost one-third of the people on the Internet. Only 9% of small business owners are utilizing YouTube in their marketing. There is a huge potential to capitalize on the benefits of video for your real estate business especially for search engine optimization. This course will provide REALTORS® with a basic knowledge and understanding of what type of videos to create, how to edit, optimizing for SEO, and how to syndicate through blogs and social media. We will discuss video for listings, market info, and testimonials. This course will provide Realtors with information that will assist them the strategies needed to successfully implement a video marketing strategy and get ahead of the curve to use video to market their real estate business.