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Brownsville and Greater Cameron County

Property Info

Through a single point of access, PropertyInfo.com combines the inclusive data and integrated tools that real estate and title professionals need on a daily basis:

  • Public records
  • Aerial imagery & Maps
  • Hosting Services (Data Center)
  • Search and examination tools
  • Editable reports and documents
  • Workflow and title management improvement tools
  • Integrated processing applications that save title and real estate agents and their customers valuable time and resources.  

PropertyInfo.com is unique to the marketplace in two ways:

1. It is an open platform that allows users to integrate their own data with third party data, while offering a breadth of products, services and information not available elsewhere.

2. Can result in higher production volume without increased overhead.

All reports and functionalities mentioned above are available on a subscription or per use basis as well as in bundled office solutions for each industry type.

Additional company and product information is available at: http://www.propertyinfo.com.