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Serving the Greater Area of
Corpus Christi, TX

Meet Our Staff


Name Contact
Mona Baen President mona.baen@stewart.com Office: (361) 985-6336
Lori Mladenka Operations Manager lori.mladenka@stewart.com Office: (361) 985-6336
Mike Shelly Attorney mike.shelly@stewart.com Office: (361) 985-6464
Chad Magill Business Development Officer chad.magill@stewart.com Office: (361) 985-6336

Title Information Center

Name Contact
Susan Abarca Title Plant Manager susan.abarca@stewart.com Office: (361) 993-5469
Mary Lou Cruz Senior Examiner mary.cruz@stewart.com Office: (361) 993-5469
Patsy Thomas Examiner patsy.thomas@stewart.com Office: (361) 993-5469
Sandy Reese Examiner sanreese@stewart.com Office: (361) 993-5469
Horacio Nunez Title Examiner I horacio.nunez@stewart.com

Holly Office

Name Contact
Carolyn Shores Vice President / Escrow Officer carolyn.shores@stewart.com Office: (361) 985-6336
Cathy Philbrick Escrow Officer cphilbri@stewart.com Office: (361) 985-6336
Sylvia Garcia Escrow Officer sylvia.garcia@stewart.com
Kathy Rouquette Escrow Assistant kathy.rouquette@stewart.com Office: (361) 985-6336
Elizabeth Piccione Escrow Officer elizabeth.piccione@stewart.com Office: (361) 985-6336
Michelle Hinojosa Escrow Officer mhinojosa@stewart.com
Ryan Adames Escrow Processor I ryan.adames@stewart.com
Kenna Woodall Escrow Processor I kenna.woodall@stewart.com
JoDee Austin Escrow Assistant jodee.austin@stewart.com

MJS Closing Office

Name Contact
Laura Amaya Escrow Officer laura.amaya@stewart.com
Elva Salinas Escrow Officer elva.salinas@stewart.com

Commercial Office

Name Contact
Ginny Price Vice President / Branch Manager / Escrow Officer ginny.price@stewart.com Office: (361) 883-7822
Debra Hullum Escrow Assistant debra.hullum@stewart.com Office: (361) 883-7822

Portland Office

Name Contact
Maryann Sellers Branch Manager / Escrow Officer maryann.sellers@stewart.com Office: (361) 643-9586
Janie Garcia Assistant Escrow Officer janie.garcia@stewart.com Office: (361) 643-9586
Suzanne Hennigan Escrow Processor II suzanne.hennigan@stewart.com Office: (409) 504-0939

Sun Plaza

Name Contact
Marcela Gonzalez Escrow Officer marcela.gonzalez@stewart.com Office: (361) 993-5469
Monique Pineda Escrow Assistant monique.pineda@stewart.com

Northwest Office

Name Contact
Sharon Bradshaw Escrow Officer sharon.bradshaw@stewart.com Office: (361) 265-0600
Amber Blackmon Temp Amber.Blackmon@stewart.com

Port Aransas

Name Contact
Elisa Lunt Escrow Officer elisa.lunt@stewart.com Office: (361) 749-0512
Cherise Torbett Escrow Assistant cherise.torbett@stewart.com Office: (361) 906-0977
Beth Edwards Escrow Assistant beth.edwards@stewart.com Office: (361) 906-0977