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Serving the Greater Area of
Denver, CO

Meet the Sales Team

Name Contact
Bret Fuqua Business Development Officer, Sr. bfuqua@stewart.com Office: (303) 301-7222
Gina Voshel Business Development Officer, Sr. gvoshel@stewart.com Office: (720) 220-5922
Kristi Fritzler Business Development Officer kfritzler@stewart.com Office: (303) 819-8879
Sima Patel Business Development Officer, Sr. sima.patel@stewart.com Office: (303) 331-0333
Anne-Marie Kuhlman Regional Sales Director amkuhlman@stewart.com Office: (303) 550-7916
Sandra Kuhlman Area Sales Manager skuhlman@stewart.com Office: (303) 818-4872
Amanda Daskam Business Development Officer amanda.daskam@stewart.com Office: (303) 331-0333
Erin Winfield Business Development Officer erin.winfield@stewart.com Office: (720) 341-4894
Debbie Atwell Business Development Officer II debbie.atwell@stewart.com Office: (303) 334-3060