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Why Stewart?

Because you need to be successful no matter what the real estate market is doing.

Times are hard. You're battling to keep your business moving in a real estate market that's tougher than ever. But whether the market is good or bad, it doesn't change the fact that you still need to be successful. The current state of the market just makes it more difficult. Now is the time when you have to carefully consider each decision – how you run your business, what tools can provide you with a competitive advantage, and especially, who you work with. So we understand that when we pitch our products, services and expertise to you, you're going to ask one simple question. Why Stewart?

You deserve a simple answer to that question. That's what you'll find here: information that will make choosing Stewart a simple decision. We've broken down our answer to the question of "Why Stewart?" into six categories; the basic reasoning for all of the support, though, is the same. We have the right tools and the right people to help you be successful.

  • Heritage
  • Financial Strength
  • Technology
  • Green Initiative
  • Local, Global Expertise
  • Testimonials

Because our past can help shape your future.

In the case of some companies, the amount of time they’ve been around speaks mainly to the fact that they’ve been around for that long. With Stewart Title, it’s different. Not that we don’t have a long proud history. Our company began in 1893 when Maco Stewart opened for business in a small building in Galveston, Texas. Over the years we’ve gone on to expand not only across the country, but around the world.

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The difference between Stewart and other title companies with a long history is that the narrative of our company is in large part still the story of Maco Stewart. We’ve been family run throughout our 116-year history, which is of great benefit to our customers. It means we have a vested interest in looking at things for the long term. It also means the wisdom and experience gained from one generation has been passed down to the next and applied to the work we do for you. And no matter how big our company becomes, the management of Stewart Title will always run the company to ensure it’s passed on to the next generation stronger than it was before. Of course, not everyone who works for Stewart is literally a member of the same family, but it sure feels that way in our offices.

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Both in our home office and in our title offices around the country, you’ll find long-tenured employees who’ve chosen to join our company because they appreciate the values and vision that drive the way we do business. Every day each and every one of our associates strives to accomplish our mission, live up to our vision and conduct themselves according to Stewart’s values. And we’re all dedicated to bringing those values and vision to life when we work with you.

Click here to see our mission and vision statements as well as our company values.

Because your workflow process won’t feel like such hard work.

In today’s competitive market, you need your real estate transactions to flow more smoothly than ever before. Stewart Title can help. Putting our industry-leading technology to work for you can change your method for doing business and communicating with your customers. Taking your business online through our products can streamline your transactions from pre-listing to post-closing, increase the transparency of your process and improve communication between all parties. Your transactions will run easier, faster and smoother and cost you less money – providing you with the competitive advantage you need in today’s market.

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Because you need a friend to your business who’s also friendly to the environment.

Think about the average number of real estate transactions you handle in a month. Now consider that around 460 sheets of paper are used in a typical closing. Multiply those numbers, and you’ll see a fraction of the paper used by the real estate industry. When considering your impact on the environment, also think about every time you have to drive somewhere for a meeting, or the number of packages you send through overnight or courier services. It all adds up to a fairly sizable carbon footprint. The Stewart Green Initiative can help you reduce your eco-impact.

We are leading the way with our move to green. Our goal is nothing short of changing the way real estate transactions are managed throughout the industry. Our various technologies combine to enable a completely paperless green title process that also lowers CO2 emissions related to your transactions. Our technology takes you online and enables your process to become virtually paperless. This also reduces your travel and the amount of packages you need to send to the various parties involved in each transaction.

Another major part of the Stewart Green Initiative is the system by which our offices can be recognized as eco-friendly. Our process recognizes offices at a level 1, 2 or 3. The higher the number – the greener the location. We can even help your county courthouse accept electronic recordings so once one of our offices attains the highest level, 3, you can have a completely paperless transaction, from contract to close. And that is something unique you can offer to your green-conscious customers.

Find out more about Stewart’s Green Initiative here.

Because wherever you go, there we are.

Our expertise extends to more than just the title business. It extends to yours. Now, we’re not saying we’re experts like you. We’re experts at helping people like you. We have specialists proficient in every part of the real estate industry, and they’re familiar with the things you face day in and day out. Whether you’re closing on a home in Poughkeepsie, a commercial site in Thailand or a multi-state/multi-country deal, we’re familiar with your needs. And whether you’re a real estate professional, lender, builder or independent agent, we can provide you with unique solutions for your business. As a matter of fact, as the leader in international title work, our expertise has been used by various countries across the globe in the development of their land title systems. Now that’s expertise you can trust.

We also understand that the transaction needs in the real estate industry are not one size fits all. We will listen to you and work with you to customize our offers for your needs, whatever and wherever they may be. Stewart is ready to help you seize the opportunities available to you whether you’re working on residential, commercial, international or any other area of the real estate business.

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“Because we know, if there are underwriting issues, our Stewart NTS representatives in Dallas will go to the national underwriting staff to get those issues resolved. This is a key service. We deal with complex multi-site transactions and we can rely on Stewart to find a way to get the deal done.”
Tom Owens Vice President, Real Estate, Cinemark
“Because SureClose® is the perfect tool for today's high-tech, high-touch real estate professional. It provides agents and their clients with complete online access to their transaction documents anytime, anywhere. SureClose also keeps the agent at the center of the transaction and top-of-mind with their clients, making it a valuable client relationship tool.
J. Lennox Scott Chairman and CEO John L. Scott Real Estate - Seattle, WA
“Because the service and professionalism of the NTS Dallas office is exemplary. The team continues to provide assistance and service far beyond the closing of a deal. We know we can always count on Stewart to deliver the best product at a competitive price.”
Nicole R. Ament Shareholder Brownstein I Hyatt I Farber I Shreck, LLP
“Because when we were an early adopter of transaction management technology in December 2005, Stewart in our endeavor demonstrated a true partnership in our deployment and adoption of the technology. Today we are proud to share our SureClose success with the Stewart team, and we look forward to expanding our successful model throughout the State of Arizona.”
Duane Fouts President Dan Schwartz Realty of Phoenix Member of the Arizona Association of REALTORS® Transaction Management Task Force
“Because we have always received responsive, top-flight service from Stewart Title on the many healthcare facility transactions we've completed together over the years. We couldn't be more pleased with the work the NTS Dallas office has done.”
Jean-Claude Saada Chairman and CEO Cambridge Holdings Inc.