Serving the Greater Area of
Longview, WA

Meet Our Staff

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Management Staff

Name Contact
Nina Dodd Vice President/Escrow Compliance Manager Office: (503) 290-5514
Victoria Garcia Vice President / Sales Manager Office: (503) 290-5520
Tom Erickson Chief Title Officer Office: (503) 290-5500
Jesse James Draeger Division President

Escrow Staff

Name Contact
Shannon Imboden Manager / Escrow Officer, LPO Office: (360) 575-9845
Francisca Gehrman Escrow Assistant Office: (360) 575-9845
Elizabeth Marrs Escrow Officer Office: (360) 575-9845
Gretchen Taylor Escrow Officer, LPO Office: (360) 575-9845
Danni Wicken Senior Escrow Officer, LPO Office: (360) 575-9845
Niki Wood Escrow Assistant to Shannon Office: (360) 575-9845
Sarah McIntyre Escrow Receptionist
Kaylee Toney Escrow Assistant to Elizabeth Office: (360) 575-9845
Tiffani Owen Escrow Assistant to Danni Office: (360) 575-9845
Priscilla Pomeroy Escrow Processor

Business Development Officer

Name Contact
John McMeekan Regional BDO / Columbia Division Office: (360) 575-9845
Karen Sisson Business Development Officer


Name Contact
Al Yunker Senior Title Officer
Columbia Division Office: (360) 713-9264