Serving the Greater Area of
Lubbock, TX

Purchase Fees

Buyer/Borrower Fee Sheet

Recording: $26 first page, $4 each additional

T-36: $25

T-19: $5% of Base LTP** premium

Title Policy: $125.00 if seller provides OTP***

  • These fees are Estimates only! The final closing fees may and probably will differ. We reserve the right to change or add to these fees without notice. Please refer to the HUD-1 for final figures
  • **Lender's Title Policy
  • **Owner's Title Policy
Settlement/Closing Fee

Sale: $300.00 ($150 per side)

Refi: $250.00


Attorney Fees

Release: $50.00

Deed: $175.00

Tax Certificate: $35.72

Fedex/Express Mail: $12.00