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Serving the Greater Area of
New York Metro

Meet Our Staff

Name Contact

Clearance & Underwriters

Name Contact
Henry Ruhlandt Chief Underwriter & Senior Counsel henry.ruhlandt@stewart.com
Paula Klein Senior Underwriter & Senior Counsel paula.klein@stewart.com
Kathleen Hennessy Underwriter & Counsel kathleen.hennessy@stewart.com
Jennifer Baez Underwriter & Counsel jennifer.baez@stewart.com
Henry Sillcocks Underwriter hsillcoc@stewart.com

Production Team

Name Contact
Angela Whitley awhitley@stewart.com Office: (914) 993-4401
Tina Fugazzi tfugazzi@stewart.com Office: (914) 993-4442

Closings Team

Name Contact
Ashley Ramjas nymetroclosings@stewart.com
Jill Kristiansen nymetroclosings@stewart.com
Tonya Alston nymetroclosings@stewart.com

Recording Team

Name Contact
Julia Smith nymetrorecordings@stewart.com
Erika Sandoval nymetrorecordings@stewart.com

Sales Team

Name Contact
Alan Costa Senior Vice President acosta@stewart.com Office: (212) 922-0462
Christopher McKeever Senior Account Executive cmckeever@stewart.com Office: (631) 375-7407
Ellie Goldenberg Senior Account Executive egoldenberg@stewart.com Office: (646) 525-3418
Gerard F. Canavan, Esq. Senior Account Representative gcanavan@stewart.com Office: (646) 234-6960
Holly Hasbrouck Senior Account Executive holly.hasbrouck@stewart.com Office: (914) 993-4465
John R. Aery Senior Account Executive john.aery@stewart.com Office: (914) 993-4404
Michael Fluss Senior Account Executive michael.fluss@stewart.com Office: (646) 526-3422
Michael M. Trainor Senior Account Executive michael.trainor@stewart.com Office: (914) 993-4467
Michael P. Bidner, Esq. Senior Account Executive michael.bidner@stewart.com Office: (631) 964-8450
Robyn Kelstein Account Executive robyn.kelstein@stewart.com Office: (516) 351-3154
Thomas E. Dunn Senior Account Executive tom.dunn@stewart.com Office: (914) 993-4405
Vincent Marchese Senior Account Executive vincent.marchese@stewart.com Office: (914) 993-4451