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Serving the Greater Area of
Portland, OR

Downtown Portland Branch


Name Contact
Victoria Garcia Vice President / Sales Manager victoria.garcia@stewart.com Office: (503) 290-5520
Erin Ochsenschlager Business Development Officer erin.ochsenschlager@stewart.com Office: (503) 201-3664
Tammy Pachl Business Development Officer tammy.pachl@stewart.com Office: (503) 290-5560
Ember Shanahan Vice President / Senior Business Development Officer ember.shanahan@stewart.com Office: (503) 290-5500
Sarah Spoon Business Development Officer sarah.spoon@stewart.com


Name Contact
Jeannie Benson Senior Escrow Officer jeannie.benson@stewart.com Office: (503) 290-5565
Shana Jackson Escrow Assistant shana.jackson@stewart.com Office: (503) 290-5566
Jan Mann Commercial Escrow Officer jan.mann@stewart.com Office: (503) 290-5561
Carolyn Rullo Escrow Assistant carolyn.rullo@stewart.com Office: (503) 290-5522


Name Contact
Linda Stoddard Agency Support Representative linda.stoddard@stewart.com Office: (503) 290-5528