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Creative underwriting and a “let’s do it approach” clearly describes this very important department staffed by the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals on the island. Their technical and legal skills are crucial in coordinating some of the most complex and demanding closings in Puerto Rico, and they are adept at answering questions and resolving problems relating to the Property Registry and the Municipal Taxes Collection Center.


This department holds legal documents and/or funds on behalf of a buyer and seller, and distributes them according to the buyer’s and seller’s instructions. Stewart Title Puerto Rico’s escrow services are designed to meet the needs of our customers’ real estate transactions. 

Title Search

Prior to the issuance of a policy, the title search department conducts a title search and examination of the property, a process through which it identifies and defines the risks to be assumed under the policy. Various public records that provide a history of the transfers of interest in a parcel of real estate are reviewed.

Stewart Title Puerto Rico is the only title agency in Puerto Rico with its own title plant and can produce title searches in less than 24 hours.

Title records, kept in continuously updated title plants owned by Stewart Title Puerto Rico are also used as reference. The title plants are compilations of land title deed information - extracted from public records dating back many years on properties in various geographic locations. 


In an effort to give closing offices the necessary tools to search, examine and produce a title commitment from a single provider, we have re-engineered the title production workflow. This allows us to meet our customers’ demands for faster turn times and increased cost savings with title policies prepared and issued in less than one hour.

Stewart Title Puerto Rico’s production department – the industry’s largest and most competent – firmly establishes strong relationships with all clients in order to guarantee excellent and reliable service. Furthermore, its exceptional communication with local banking and mortgage institutions ensures that polices may be processed in the most efficient manner. 

Property Tax Investigation

Stewart Title Puerto Rico is the only company of its kind in the Puerto Rico insurance industry to provide this type of service. We have expert consultants with many years of experience working with the Centro de Recaudacion de Ingresos Municipales (CRIM). Besides investigating the status of property taxes throughout the island, Stewart Title Puerto Rico examines assessments, appraisals, complete or partial exemptions and other matters relating to real property taxes. 


The Recording Department ensures documents from throughout the island are filed and recorded in the Public Registry and provides clients with their filing data. It also ensures the instruments are returned to the respective notary public. 


Having the largest title insurance sales force in Puerto Rico enables Stewart Title Puerto Rico Company to provide island-wide coverage. Highly qualified account executives responsible for overseeing all transactions from beginning until completion regularly visit all customers to ensure their respective needs are being met. 


This important group determines if the loss suffered by our clients is covered by the policy issued by our company. We utilize the latest in imaging, scanning and database technology to ensure all claims are studied with utmost expediency and accuracy in order to enable prompt payment. 

Cancellation of Mortgage Liens and Attachments

These services include payoff of the current mortgage and the necessary follow-up until we receive the original mortgage note. We prepare and execute deed-of-mortgage cancellation and subsequently file it in the Registry of the Property. We also have personnel who specialize in working together with the governmental agencies that handle the cancellations of the attachments that affect the property. 

Closing Agent

As part of our services we offer our facilities and our personnel to coordinate the variety of activities necessary for completing the sale of a house or other types of real-estate property.