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Serving the Greater Area of
Tucson and Southern Arizona

Main Office

Main Office
3939 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85711
Phone (520) 327-7373
Fax (520) 327-3199

Name Contact
Shawna Ruboyianes Division President shawna.ruboyianes@stewart.com Office: (520) 327-7373
Michelle Jolly Branch Manager / Commercial Escrow Officer michelle.jolly@stewart.com Office: (520) 327-7373
Bill Cusick Escrow Officer bill.cusick@stewart.com
Brenda Whitney Escrow Officer brenda.whitney@stewart.com
Claire Loughran Escrow Officer claire.loughran@stewart.com
Cyd Bradford Escrow Officer cydnee.bradford@stewart.com
Karen Batiste Escrow Officer karen.batiste@stewart.com
Kim Henry Escrow Officer kim.henry@stewart.com
Lee Ann Watterson Escrow Officer leeann.watterson@stewart.com
Shelley Lamoureux Escrow Officer shelley.lamoureux@stewart.com
Yvonne Lopez Escrow Officer yvonne.lopez@stewart.com
Cathy Hansen Commercial Escrow Officer cathy.hansen@stewart.com Office: (520) 327-7373