Dedicated to doing business right.More casual. Less conventional.

More casual. Less conventional.

When it comes to our customers, we’re all business at Stewart Lender Services®. We just choose to do business differently. We spend more time getting the job done and less time trying to impress you with presentations. We’re always upfront and honest about what we can and can’t do for you. So whether you’d like to meet over a conference table or over dinner, you won’t ever have to worry about seeing through a bunch of bull because we’re never going to give you any. We’ll simply discuss your needs, adapt our capabilities and get things done. We pride ourselves on doing things right because, to us, that’s the only way to do business.

More capabilities.

We pride ourselves on doing more than people think we do. That’s why we constantly work to evolve and improve. Just take a look at all the things we’re already capable of doing for you.

Risk Analysis and Data Integrity
Foreclosure file processing reviews

Residential mortgage loan due diligence

Forensic underwriting reviews
and repurchase defense

Regulatory compliance audits

Quality control reviews

Mortgage insurance rebuttals

Servicing reviews

Loss Mitigation
Borrower contact and solicitation

FDCPA compliant borrower contact center

Traditional loss mitigation

HAMP/HAFA services

Home retention services

Short sale management

Deed-in-lieu solutions

Default Services
Pre-foreclosure title evidence

Title grading and curative services

Default law firm REO support

REO Asset Management
Property inspection/preservation

Eviction, redemption and preservation

Valuation reconciliation and marketing strategies

Offer management

Customized reporting and expense processing

REO rental management

Commercial REO services

Specialized call centers

Origination Title
Nationwide title, closing and settlement

Reverse mortgage title, closing and settlement

REO Title and Settlement
Title search and curative

Lien monitoring

Closing and funding

Title insurance and underwriting

Mortgage Outsourcing
Origination support


Post closing

Servicing support

Distressed servicing outsourcing

Less formalities.
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