Agency Quality Control Review

We determine the sampling methodology and select monthly loan samples for review in conjunction with client and agency requirements. In accordance to guidelines, this selection will include a random, targeted and discretionary sample. Stewart will review the accuracy of the loan origination process and communicate any exceptions in our comprehensive report. Agency Quality Control Review includes reverifications, as well as credit and fraud reports. 


Income and employment
All sources of funds used in the underwriting will be reviewed. Every attempt to obtain verification will be made.

Asset reverification
Original documentation obtained during the underwriting of the mortgage for investments, bank accounts, and gifts will be reverified.

Verified for all primary residences.

Credit Report

  • New credit reports are pulled for each loan not originated via one of the agency automated underwriting systems
  • The updated credit report is reviewed for the social security number, as well as undisclosed debt, occupancy flags, and differences to the original report on file
  • The original credit report (provided in loan file) is examined for borrowers, fraud alerts, debt payments, and overall credit profile

Fraud Report

  • A fraud report will be ordered from an unaffiliated third-party vendor
  • Any issues that may indicate a potentially fraudulent transaction will be noted

Our engagement approach includes:

  • Appraisal
  • Automated underwriting decision validation
  • Document review
  • Regulatory compliance analysis
  • Guideline review
  • Trending reports

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