Now with the team and assets from Allonhill, Stewart Lender Services (SLS) is a nationwide provider of mortgage loan advisory services for the lenders, mortgage servicers and investment community. Read more information on the recent transaction.

SLS offers a variety of services for secondary mortgage market transactions including in-depth mortgage loan due diligence, surveillance of securitizations and whole loan pools, and servicer evaluation, modification program outsourcing, and consulting. Our associates are specialists in mortgage loan servicing, securitization and underwriting.

SLS has proprietary technology, infrastructure, and processes designed to meet requirements for public and private-sector clients, with the capacity to deliver high-quality results on time sensitive projects involving tens of thousands of loans. As an independent reviewer, our depth of expertise and approach to due diligence and credit risk management provides clients the highest degree of hands-on oversight and intervention when buying or selling pools, when securitizing loans, or when managing loans and securitizations over time.

Our clients include:

  • Institutional investors
  • Hedge funds
  • Mutual funds
  • Private investors
  • Government agencies
  • Government servicing entities
  • Rating agencies
  • Mortgage originators
  • Mortgage insurers
  • Investment banks
  • Transfer agent
  • Conduits

A full suite of services to support new originations, secondary market transactions, servicing oversight and QC includes:

  • Loan File Review
  • Servicer Performance Management
  • Agency Quality Control Review
  • CFPB Readiness Audit

Proprietary Systems

Our industry-leading technology includes proprietary web-based systems and business intelligence tool overlay drive visibility, accuracy and efficiency. Each system has multiple modules that are easily customized to fit each client’s specific processes and reporting needs.

Due Diligence

Our powerful and agile Due Diligence System (DDS) supports the full spectrum of buyer, originator and seller due diligence for new originations and seasoned loan reviews, including regulatory compliance assessment, valuation review and reconciliation, and servicing assessment. DDS accurately guides analysts through all aspects of customer-tailored loan reviews.

Condition Clearing and Rate Lock

Condition clearing and rate lock automates and streamlines the progression from lock through independent review. Condition clearing and rate lock are fully integrated with DDS. Data and images transfer seamlessly, providing greater efficiency from review processing. Buyers and sellers have immediate access to newly posted information.

Servicer Performance Management

Our proprietary SPM system provides servicer portfolio and data management. Data feeds from multiple servicers can be consumed, analyzed and standardized into a consistent format, including support for servicing transfers. Designed to mitigate risk on loan portfolios, SPM tracks servicer performance within all areas of servicing, identifies trends, and targets high-risk populations.