Loan File Review

Stewart is expertly positioned to provide enhanced transparency and reliability through accurate, timely and credible loan file reviews. We provide client-centered methodologies, robust quality assurance, and customizable and scalable proprietary loan review platforms.

Loan file review addresses the requirements of a variety of clients whose needs depend on detailed analytics regarding mortgage loan files to understand their underwriting, collateral, legal compliance and performance history. Clients enlist our support for quality control (QC), due diligence, and forensic file reviews. We are retained to perform ongoing QC of originations or loan acquisitions, to conduct due diligence on loan pools when they are traded and to complete the intensive review required to support securitization in the private sector.

We provide:
Credit reviews

  • Conforming and non-conforming loans
  • Seasoned and modified loans
  • Warehouse audits
  • Mandatory agency QC

Seasoned loan reviews

  • Title
  • Collateral
  • Servicing documents
  • Payment history
  • Loss mitigation adherence
  • Foreclosure audits
  • Servicing QC

Compliance reviews

  • RESPA 2010
  • Seasoned loan compliance
  • Streamlined compliance

Valuation reviews

  • Full valuation reconciliation
  • Waterfall reconciliation
  • Appraisal review

Our engagement approach includes:

  • Initial scope analysis
  • Sample selection
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Loan file review

Stewart’s complete analysis ensures robust quality assurance. The multi-tiered review includes:

  • Initial loan review
  • First-tier quality control audit
  • Data integrity check
  • Management data scrub
  • Final quality assurance analysis

Stewart has the quality control systems, analytics, expertise and reporting your business needs. Contact us today at (303) 305-4025 or for more information.