Servicer Performance Management

Servicing is complex and becoming more so every day. The new challenges brought about by the rapid changes require new solutions. Stewart Lender Services can provide those solutions.

Our innovative Servicer Performance Management (SPM) program provides transparency to investors and servicers alike regarding the quality of a servicing portfolio or a specific pool of loans. SPM utilizes loan-level data, compliance requirements and investor guidelines to identify exceptions that may adversely impact the long-term performance of the portfolio. These exceptions are distributed to the loan servicers for remediation in real time, expediting the resolution of servicing errors and can be reported to investors if required.

The goal of utilizing SPM is to actively monitor the servicing operations, leading to a significant improvement in all aspects of portfolio performance.
Review components include:

  • Regulatory Oversight
  • Sub-servicer management
  • Securitization monitoring
  • Risk Management

Stewart has the right people and the right technology to properly analyze key servicing data, identify issues and make valuable recommendations for improvement. Contact us today at (303) 305-4025 or for more information on SPM.