Property Search Services

Obtain relevant data to verify ownership status

Our nationwide network of abstractors, databases and internal resources help provide timely information in an easy-to-read format. In some instances, our reports provide all the relevant data needed to determine ownership. However, these reports do not constitute a title insurance policy. Where necessary, information from the reports can be used by attorneys to abstract and issue an opinion of title.

Legal and Vesting Report
Obtain a property's legal description, tax data and owner information back to current ownership. Reviews county-level land records only.

Current Owner Property Search Report
Receive a property's deed/vesting and tax information, a legal description and mortgage and lien information. Reviews county-level land records back to the current owner and the deed into that owner.

Full Search Report
Obtain a complete ownership chain of title for a property up to a specified term. Available terms include 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, 60 years and 65 years, as well as a credit risk-defined good stop point.

Mortgage Verification
Verify whether a mortgage has been recorded or released. You provide information to locate a specific mortgage, and you'll receive information from the appropriate municipal office. Reviews county-level land records only.

4G Title Search for Your Portfolio Decision Needs
Investors face the constant challenge of minimizing default and pre-payment risk and calculating accurate estimates to support portfolio sale or purchase activity. Stewart delivers an array of property intelligence and workflow optimization solutions to ensure these critical decisions are made accurately and efficiently.

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