Stewart Green

SureClose and TrueForms

Paperless technology that helps your customers, your profits and your planet.

By using our TrueForms online forms technology and our SureClose online transaction management technology, you can virtually eliminate the need to create and manage physical forms for your transactions.

Using these two technologies within your business enables you to offer eco-minded customers a much greener option than the standard closing process. That’s because these technologies allow you to create forms packages, contracts and templates electronically; transfer those forms directly into SureClose and then manage the transaction online. This, of course, has tremendous benefits for the environment, such as:

  • Reducing harvesting of trees through reduced paper usage
  • Reducing waste through reduced usage of ink and ink cartridges
  • Lowering CO2 emissions by eliminating physical shipment of commitment papers and reduction of travelling for meetings

In addition to helping make your transaction greener, TrueForms and SureClose provide a host of other benefits to your business, including:

  • Improved efficiency
    • Conduct business anywhere, any time you have Internet access
    • Automate association, board or company forms
    • Automatically populate all forms in the transaction with over 150 common fields
  • Reduced costs
    • Use fewer office supplies
    • Reduce travelling costs
    • Decrease courier/overnight shipping
  • Improved communication
    • Enable transaction parties to monitor transaction
    • Automate event notifications
    • Send/receive messages through SureClose

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